Monday, April 9, 2012

Igor's New Video

Here it is:

OK, so hooray. This is the first track on the new album (Instant Classics), which will be out next week. It's a short, punchy number about taking a very fast French train - something I've never done. But I can sort of imagine what it's like, so I wrote a song about it. This isn't really a single; I just thought it would be fun to make a video with vintage railroad footage. And guess what? It was fun!

Anyhow, I'll post this on Book of Face and leave it at that. Let the buzz for Instant Classics begin in earnest!


TripTrumpet said...

I liked the video-audio timing particularly at the end, although I admit it was a bit odd to hear about the TGV with vintage U.S. train footage. My only memory of the TGV was from the one time when I was on one, from Paris to Dijon. It was dizzying to look at the foreground. Looking forward to the hearing the album.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love it ... video, lyrics, and more. Brings back so many wonderful train travel memories.

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